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HDR Photography

High Dynamic Range (HDR) photography is the current technique that excites me! An HDR image combines together multiple frames captured at different exposures into one that has the best qualities of all of them. Detail in the darkest shadow, the brightest highlight, and everything in between all visible in one image! How cool is that? Above you see a transition from a single exposure image (enhanced in Photoshop) to an HDR image made from 4 different exposures. At the bottom of the page is a panoramic HDR which shows a full 180° view of a room. This image is comprised of 4 HDR images stitched together - 20 images total! Click on it for a bigger version.

This technique isn't new. The movie industry has been doing it for years, and B&W photographers like Ansel Adams have used darkroom techniques to bring more dynamic range to images as well. But with the advent of digital technology there are new and better techniques that are much less labor and time intensive. Let me put some of these new techniques to work for YOU!

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